Mid-century modern home décor originated in the 1950s and continues to be popular today. Its designs are classy and timeless, which is why they are still desirable for modern homes. Its features are both pleasing and sophisticated, and this kind of décor can elevate the look of your home. 

Mid-century designs focus on functionality and clean lines to create an understated look. There is no heavy ornamentation or stuffy interiors, and if this is the look you are interested in for your home, the following tips will help you add this kind of aesthetic:

1. Look for organic and geometric designs

Iconic design elements like organic and geometric designs are the highlight of mid-century modern furniture. You should look for bold patterns and natural materials like wood, metal, and leather. Splayed legs and organic curves are common for sofas, as are futuristic silhouettes. 

2. Start with just a few items

You will likely visit several furniture stores near you, but you shouldn’t get carried away. Start with just a few pieces. The clean lines and multifunctional features of mid-century modern pieces blend well with today’s contemporary furniture designs, but you should start small, with just a cocktail table, for example. 

Mid-century designs are bold and colourful; too many pieces will overwhelm your space.

3. Limit your colours

The mid-century modern colour palette consists of bright and heavily saturated hues, so you should choose only three or four colours when shopping for pieces at furniture stores near you. This will help emphasize a dominant base colour, and you can add a red, yellow, or turquoise piece as a focal point in the room. Don’t overdo it; limit your colours when shopping for modern mid-century pieces. 

4. Weigh your furniture design options

If you are shopping for mid-century modern pieces, you will not encounter heavy embellishments or cushy upholstered seating. Instead, you will see straight lines and softened curved angles, which blend well with today’s sleek contemporary home furniture. 

5. Add a mid-century modern rug pattern

This is a very easy way to create a mid-century modern vibe, and adding a rug will instantly change your home's appearance. 

6. Install mid-century-style lighting

The addition of a stylish lamp can also create a mid-century modern feel. You can choose a straight lamp or one with a curved contour. You can also choose a light with a bold geometric shape or metal lighting to provide your home with a mid-century modern sensation. 

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