Every home requires furniture, although some pieces are more important than others. When visiting furniture stores, you need to look for a few key pieces because while a bed and sofa are a must, these pieces alone will not make a home feel properly furnished. 

You will need functional and fabulous furniture if you want to complete your décor and make your own home. Certain pieces serve various purposes and can be used in different rooms. If you want to give your home a one-of-a-kind style, you will need to shop for the following key pieces when visiting furniture stores:

1. A Console

This piece of furniture used to be a long, narrow table supported by two decorative front legs, which were fixed to the wall using console brackets. While this definition still applies, consoles have come a long way. You can now find this kind of table in free-standing versions that can be used in different ways around the home. 

Consoles often serve as convenient tabletops in narrow spaces like foyers but also have multiple uses. They can be used as vanity tables, sofa tables, laptop desks, buffets, or dining room tables. Choose one with slim proportions for a stylish yet functional piece. 

2.Slipper Chairs

These chairs are upholstered and armless and sit lower to the ground than dining chairs. These chairs are sized between a living room chair and dining chair and offer the comfort of a lounge chair in tight areas like the corner of a bedroom, for example, or a small living room. 

Slipper chairs offer multiple uses. You can add a seat pillow if you need an impromptu dining chair or place one in your foyer if you need a seat for putting shoes on. Choose one with a comfortable seat depth to compensate for its smaller proportions and lack of arm support. 

3. A Bar Cart

Bar carts are both functional and decorative and are available in many styles. They can be made of wood, metal, or even plastic, and many have wheels that are convenient for moving them wherever they are needed around the house. 

You can set up a bar cart as a coffee or tea station when entertaining or roll it into your bedroom to serve breakfast to your loved one. You can also use a stylish bar cart as a printer table and office supply center, or you can use it in your bathroom as a spa center. 

Choose a bar cart with sturdy wheels to ensure it can handle the weight of heavy liquor bottles. 

4. Bench Ottomans

These are long upholstered pieces that either have exposed legs or are box-style. Box-style ottomans are ideal if you require a handy storage space. Bench ottomans can be placed in front of a television for extra seating, or they can be used as a coffee table if you place them in front of your sofa. You can also place one at the end of your bed. 

Make sure you choose an ottoman with a solid-core construction. 

5. Small Bureau

This is a decorative dresser that usually has two to four drawers. Some models even have a flip-down top that transforms this piece into a small desk. You can place a small bureau at the end of the hallway to hold linens or use them as nightstands. You can also use your bureau as an impromptu bar. 

Choose a sturdy one and check the drawers to ensure they glide smoothly. A raised leg is also highly recommended to create an airy look. 

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