Small bedrooms can be stylish and cozy if you select the right furniture pieces and strategize your space. It may seem like a challenge, but taking the right steps can make a small bedroom feel a lot bigger than it is. 

Any sized bedroom can be inviting, and it can also be appealing visually if you keep this space tidy and organized. Choosing the right furniture pieces is a must and their size must be relative to the space. A soft colour palette and lighting can also help, and the following tips will help you make the most out of a small bedroom:


This is a very important first step because it will allow you to get rid of things you don’t need or use. Clutter will make a space feel crowded and small, but cleaning will instantly make a difference. In addition to creating a welcoming and calming environment, decluttering can also make your bedroom feel larger. 

Furniture pieces like dressers will help you hide items like bedding and clothes, and you can even purchase a bed with a built-in storage to help with clutter. 

2.Accept minimalism

When it comes to small bedrooms, embrace the famous mantra “less is more” and accept minimalism. Get rid of large and bulky items to open your space and choose furniture pieces carefully based on the size of your room. Choose only a few decorative pieces to make the room look larger. 

3.Lighten up your space

Lighter and neutral colours will always make a space feel bigger. Paint the walls of your bedroom in a neutral colour and paint the ceiling a couple of shades even lighter to make your bedroom feel even larger. Enhance natural light if possible and add artificial lighting in the form of a lamp or chandelier. 

4.Choose the right furniture pieces

Before you visit furniture stores, measure your space and use this information to purchase the right-sized furniture. Smaller spaces will require furniture that is proportionate to the size of the room. Bulky furniture pieces will not fit, and your space will feel tight and uninviting. 

Most furniture stores have a section dedicated to collections that are designed on a smaller scale and you can choose low-profile bedroom furniture to create a larger appearance. 

5.Choose multifunctional pieces 

This is a must if you have a small bedroom because multifunctional furniture will open your space visually and literally. A sofa bed is a great option, as is a storage bench or an armoire that can hold a television and provide storage space for clothing.

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