Halo Bedroom Set Light Grey - Queen

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Pieces: 6 Pc Queen Bedroom Set ( Bed+Dresser+Mirror+Night Stand)
$1,159.99 $1,599.99


Transform your bedroom into a haven of sophistication with our Wooden Finish Bedroom Set, adorned with sleek black handles that add a touch of modern elegance. 

The focal point of the set is the exquisitely finished wooden bed frame, radiating a rich, inviting ambiance. The wood's natural grain enhances the visual appeal, creating a sense of warmth and authenticity that makes your bedroom truly unique. The headboard, featuring clean lines and a subtle curvature, becomes a statement piece, while the black handles accentuate the overall design with a subtle contrast.

Complementing the bed is a spacious dresser with ample storage, providing a designated space for your wardrobe essentials. The dresser drawers, adorned with the same chic black handles, effortlessly glide open to reveal organized storage options, ensuring your clothing and accessories are readily accessible.

The nightstands, mirroring the design of the dresser, bring symmetry to your bedroom. Perfectly placed black handles on each drawer provide a cohesive look and convenient storage for bedside necessities.

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