Getting new furniture for your kids' room can be both exciting and daunting. With so many options available at furniture stores in Toronto, it's important to consider what features and safety standards are most important based on your child's age and needs. Here are some key things to look for when shopping for kids' furniture.

1. Durability and Construction

Materials matter when it comes to kids' furniture, which often faces wear and tear. Opt for pieces made from durable, nontoxic materials like solid wood, metals, and stapled fabric, as opposed to particle board or pressboard, which can degrade more easily from moisture or impact. Joints and hardware should also be sturdy and securely attached to withstand wrestling, climbing, and jumping.

2. Age Friendly

Consider your child's age when shopping—an infant doesn't need the same furniture as a toddler or older kid. Look for features appropriate to their developmental stage, like adjustable-height cribs, toddler beds with railings to prevent falls, and sturdy desks and chairs suited to their growing frames. Multi-purpose pieces that can adapt as kids age are handy space savers, too.

3. Storage Functionality

Look for furniture with ample storage, like drawers, shelves, compartments and hangers/hooks, to keep toys, clothing and gear tidy and within easy reach. Storage ottomans, trundles and under-bed bins maximize space in small rooms. Built-in desks with baskets/shelves prevent clutter too. Storage allows kids to clean up their messes independently!

4. Aesthetic Appeal 

While safety and practicality come first, a bedroom set kids actually like will get more use and help them feel invested in their space. Consider their tastes, interests, and colour preferences when choosing pieces. Modular systems allow rearranging as styles change. Natural wood tones pair well, but brightly painted furniture adds a fun pop, too. Upholstery should be easy to spot and clean for inevitable spills and stains. 

5. Budget

Kids grow fast, so larger investments may need to make more financial sense. Have realistic expectations based on your budget, and remember to factor in potential assembly or delivery costs. Many furniture stores in Toronto offer financing options to spread payments over time. Simple starter furniture sets and used/consignment pieces are great low-cost solutions, too. 

With the right priorities in mind, from durable quality to age-appropriate features like safety, storage, and aesthetics, shopping for kids' furniture can yield functional, nurturing spaces they'll love for years to come. Multiple options are available at furniture stores in Toronto to suit various needs and budgets.

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